Translated Books

Since 2016, I have been translating books from English and German into French and I am specialised in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I work with several great authors and I am honored to translate the fabulous series they wrote.

Here is the list of the books I have translated:

Les Origines de Shader
D.P. Prior

Original title: Shader Origins. Two fantasy novellas serving as an introduction to the Shader series.

L’élève du Philosophe
Original title: Ward of the Philosopher
Release date: May 30th 2016

Le Septième Cheval
Original title: The Seventh Horse
Release date: March 31st 2016

D.P. Prior

Series of 3 heroic fantasy novels.

L’Épée de l’Arckon
Original title:
Sword of the Archon
Release date:
Novembre 7th 2016

Les plans les mieux conçus
Original title:
Best laid plans
Release date:
June 17th 2017

Le Déliement
Original title:
The Unweaving
Release date:
February 12th 2018
Légendes du Nain Sans Nom
D.P. Prior

Original title: Legends of the Nameless Dwarf. Heroic fantasy series in the same universe as the Shader series.

Original title: Carnifex
Release date: November 2018

L’Envoûtement de la Hache Noire
Original title: Geas of the Black Axe
Release date: juillet 2019

L’Homme Éternel
Craig Zerf

Original title: The Forever Man. A Sci-Fi and Fantasy series in a post-apocalypse world.

Livre 1 : Impulsion
Original title:
Book 1: Pulse
Release date:
July 12th 2016

Livre 2 : L’Homme à la Hache
Original title:
Book 2: Axe Man
Release date:
January 4th 2017

Livre 3 : Guerre de Clan
Original title:
Book 3 : Clan War
Release date:
August 28th 2017
Ivy Granger, Détective Paranormale
E.J. Stevens

Original title: Ivy Granger Psychic Detective. Urban fantasy series comprising of many novels and short stories.

Les Crocs de l’Hiver
Original title:
Release date:
March 16th 2018
Obsure Vision
Original title:
Shadow Sight
Release date:
October 17th 2017
Du sang sous le gui
Original title:
Blood and Mistletoe
Release date:
December 12th 2017

Lumière Fantôme
Original title: Ghost Light
Release date:
August 2018

Club Nexus
Original title: Club Nexus
Release date:
November 2018

Brasier Ardent
Original title: Burning Bright
Release date:
September 2019
droit-de-naissance la-chasse-18

Droit de Naissance
Original title: Birthright
Release date: September 2020

La Chasse
Original title: Hound’s Bite
Release date: April 2022

Les Ombres Grimpantes – Un Futur Proche
Philipp Schmidt

Original title: Schattengewächse – Eine Nahe Zukunft. A dystopian series in nine books.

Coup d’Envoi
Original title: Auftakt
Release date: July 15th 2019

La Reine des Triades
Original title: Die Triadenkönigin
Release date: November 2nd 2020